You lift my Heart | Create a Heart Themed Scrapbook Page using your Silhouette | by Lyn

Hi today I will be showing you a 12×12 scrapbook layout using Helen’s lovely heart frame cut file. It’s a great stash buster, if like me you have loads of odd bits of embellishments left from sets. I also for the first time in ages didn’t pick my photo first. I made my layout then added the photo at the end.


Helen’s heart frame cut file
Colorbok White card stock 210gsm x 2
Silhouette Cameo 3
Canon Selphy photo printer
Perspextives by Bramble fox
Heart stickers puffy, plain any style you have in your stash.
Pinkfresh the mix puffy stickers.
Double sided sticky tape and 3D sticky pads
Distress marker spritzer tool
Sharpie markers

Materials Needed

Cutting out the Heart Frame Shape using Silhouette Studio

Firstly, I cut the heart out of white card stock using the following settings on my Silhouette Cameo 3
Blade 5
Speed 5
Force 15
Passes 2

How to back cut files – great for stash busting

If you have read one of my blog posts before you will already of read how I back my cut files but here’s a recap. I always turn my cut file over and mark it as the back to use as a stencil. I draw on the inside of the shapes on the back of the papers and then cut round slightly bigger so I can Sellotape them at the back. You may already have your own way of filling cut files but this the method I prefer.
I worked my way round the heart starting with cream then pink-red-orange-yellow-green-blue and purple.

Using the Distress Marker Spritzer Tool

After placing my cut file heart on the white cardstock, I felt it needed something else. Yes, I was going to fill it with hearts but I didn’t feel this would be enough. So, I dug out my distress marker spritzer tool. Its like a paint airgun but you use your felt tips with it. I use sharpies as these are my favourite.

Having placed my heart on the white card I visually made a note of what the colours were and then lightly sprayed my colours in the same place on the card. This doesn’t have to be precise the more random the better I think.

Assembling the Scrapbook page

I then used 3d sticky pads to stick my heart on with to give some height.
Now the fun bit. Starting with the pink I randomly stuck all the pink sticker/ puffy etc hearts I had around the pink filled area of my heart. Then the red and so and so on.
I didn’t put lots in the middle as I knew my photo would be going here.

Next I picked the phrase sticker I wanted knowing generally what my photo was going to be. That is a photo of me and my dearest.
Finally, I found the photo I wanted to use and printed on selphy at a small size to fit into the bottom middle of the heart.

Finished 12×12 scrapbook page

There you have it.
“You lift my heart” 12 x 12 layout.

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