Valentines Heart Gift Box Tutorial

This cute little box is very simple to put together and can be cut out from one sheet of A4 cardstock. In this tutorial I will give you a step by step guide on how to create it.

Materials Needed

Step one

The first step is to cut out the six pieces that make up the box. You can do this in two ways, either by downloading the file and using it in a personal cutting machine such as the Silhouette or Cricut cut. Or you can download the PDF file and print it onto A4 cardstock and cut out with a craft knife.

Step two

Once you have cut all of the pieces out you can assemble the box. I always assemble the box lid first. This is the piece with the pattern cut out of the top. You will also need the narrower strips of card to form the sides of the lid. There are two strips that go round the box lid as these fit perfectly around each half of the heart. First add glue to the top of the box lid where you will stick the tabs onto the lid. Then fold back all of the tabs on the strip which will form the side of the box and stick them to the lid as shown in the image. Start at the top of the heart and work all the way down to the point of the heart.

When the first strip has been stuck down you will have one end with a flap and one that is a blunt end of the paper. When you stick the second strip to the box lid make sure that you put the blunt end so that it sticks to a flap so that the box closes properly.

Step Three

Once you have assembled the lid the box base is assemble in the same way but with the tabs on the outside of the box, as shown in the images.

The lid of the box will now fit snugly over the base of the box and will be perfect for Valentines gifts, Wedding favours or just as a gift for a special someone.

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