The Quickest Vinyl Birthday Card Tutorial That You’ve Never Tried.

If you have never used vinyl in your card making you are missing out. I first started doing this as a way to use up my scraps of vinyl (that’s right this is a stash buster!) and it has now become one of my go to techniques. In this tutorial I will show you how to make this super cute vinyl birthday card using paper stock and a small piece of vinyl.

Materials needed for your vinyl birthday card

  • Cupcake design (If you would like this for free follow this link to our opt-in freebee!)
  • Small scraps of vinyl.
  • Accent paper 13cm by 13cm sheet. I used ‘Lets Celebrate’ by First Addition
  • Card base 30cm by 15cm folded into a 15cm by 15cm square card.
  • Glue.
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Making the Design in Silhouette Studio

I’m making this card in Silhouette Studio but you can also create this design using Design Space. You can create the vinyl design in these simple steps

  1. Open the image you would like to use for your card topper (I have used the cupcake.
  2. Type the text you would like to use. I went for ‘Happy Birthday’ but you could add a name if you had someone in mind.
  3. Double click on the words until you see a green box appear.
    Click in the small cross hair symbol on the bottom left of the green box.
  4. Drag the text over to the edge of the shape until it ‘sticks’
  5. Select the text and the shape you want to weld it to.
  6. Open the ‘modify panel’ and select the ‘weld tool’. Your letters will now join together with the shape!

If you’ve like to learn more about adding text and the weld tool check out my blog post on it here

Adding text to the birthday shape
Adding text to the birthday shape

Great. Now that you have created your personalised shape you can now use the ‘Offset’ tool to create a backing for the vinyl.

Using the ‘Offset’ tool

To finish the project, I’d like to create a backing for the shape we have already created by using the ‘Offset’ tool.

To do this select the whole design and open the ‘Offset Panel’ (the star symbol on the right-hand side tool bar). Then select the ‘External Offset’ tab (see picture below). Increase the offset distance to 0.4mm, then select apply. This will create a second shape behind the one that you have selected.

Use the offset tool to create a backing for the vinyl piece
Use the offset tool to create a backing for the vinyl piece

Now that you have two shapes here is how to cut them out.

Cutting out your shapes

First separate the shapes so that the offset shape is at the top left-hand of the canvas and the original shape is placed off to the side. We will cut the offset shape first from cardstock.

To do this navigate to the ‘Send’ page using the tabs on the top right-hand side of the window. Make sure that the line of the offset shape that we created is coloured in bright red. Then select ‘Cardstock, plain’ from the ‘materials’ drop down menu. Then load your cardstock onto your carrier sheet and into your machine. When you are ready click on the ‘send’ button at the bottom of the screen. You may need to adjust your cut settings slightly if you don’t get a clean cut first time. I generally get a good cut if I use card stock that is around 180gsm. You may need to do a second pass if it doesn’t cut first time. 

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When you have cut out the cardstock offset shape. Go back to the design page and move the offset shape off the canvas and the other shape onto the canvas. Then go to the send page and cut the second shape out of vinyl using the vinyl setting that is most appropriate for the vinyl you have. If you do not have vinyl you can also cut the second shape from paper stock.

Assembling Your Vinyl Birthday Card

Once you have weeded your vinyl shape stick transfer tape to the front of your design to lift it off the backing paper. Now transfer it to the offset cardstock piece that you cut out earlier. Once you are happy with placement press down hard to stick it into place. Remove the transfer tape and admire your work!

Step by step images on how to create the vinyl birthday card.
Creating the vinyl birthday card

Stick the accent paper to the card base so that it is centred on the front of the card. Add glue to the card topper and add to the front of the card centred on the accent paper. Your project should look something like this when you are finished!

I hope you have enjoyed crafting with me. Check back to the blog for more hints, tips and freebies! As well as beautiful new designs listed every week. Alternatively join our rapidly expanding community of crafters by subscribing to our mailing list below.

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