Meet the Design Team – Helen


Tell us the three most important things about you

Three things about that you probably didn’t know before are; I have two beautiful children who are my joy 🙂 I have a PhD in Archaeological Science and I am part of a local choir who mostly do pop songs and show tunes!

What inspires you to craft.

My biggest inspiration to craft is my family. They are at the heart of everything I do and everything I create.

What is your favourite craft?

I love all kinds of crafts and like to crochet, draw, paint and generally make things but my first love and the craft I always return to is paper crafting. I love all the pretty colours and how versatile a craft it is. You can paper craft with virtually any type of paper from designer papers and high quality card to those flyers that are constantly coming through the door so its a really accessible artform too.

What is the last thing you made and what did you love about it?

The last things I made was an explosion mothers day box card which will be on the blog shortly! I love it because it is a beautiful and tactile object. I’m planning on sending one to my great auntie in Australia for her birthday too so I hope she loves it – shes in her 90s and is a wonderfully supportive and spiritual person and I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

When do you craft?

I craft when the smalls are asleep which isn’t often at the moment! #tiredmummy

Most loved craft tool (apart from your cutting machine!)

How can I choose! After much reflection over a cut of tea I’m going to go with double sided sticky tape as I’m way to impatient to wait for glue to dry for most of my projects!

Best piece of advice for someone just starting out with their cutting machine?

Get it out of the box. So may people message me telling me that they have got a cutting machine but its still in the box or not used as they are intimidated by it. Get it out of the box and just get some copy paper and cut out your name, or a square or any shape just to get yourself started.

What is your favourite one of our files and why?

Well they are all like my babies if I’m honest with you. If I had to chose absolutely one it would be the wedding couple cutting file as this was done as a version of our wedding photos – so many happy memories 🙂

Apart from ours which is your favourite webpage to get files from?

There are so many talented and amazing designers out there. I have to say that I facebook stalk a few accounts. My favourite at the moment is Digital Gems give her a visit as she’s got some really cute freebies at the moment.

Thanks for reading my post 🙂

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