How to upload and format our files in Design Space

I try to make all of the files we have here at Helens Craft Studio as user friendly as possible as it is so important to me that you enjoy using your files and have a good experience with us. I’ve created this quick tutorial on how to format our 3D files for Design Space. In this tutorial I will use our Castle Pop Up Box Card as an example but you can use this blog to help format any of our files.

Download and Upload

When you download a file your computer will download it to a preselected file location. My computer is set to save files in the ‘download’ folder. This is the default setting for most computers. You may also be given a prompt on download to select with folder you want the file to go into. As the download settings are unique to each computer I will not be able to tell you exactly where your files are downloaded to.

Once you have located your file your will need to ‘unzip it’ before you can use it with your cutting software. To do this on a windows computer you will need to right click on the file and select ‘Extract all’ from the drop down menu. You will then need to chose which folder you want the file to be unzipped to. Once the file has been unzipped you will be able to use it.

Design space uses the SVG format so when you upload the file to a ‘new project’ in design space you will need to select the file with .svg at the end of it. When you have successfully uploaded the file in design space you can open it and it will initially look like the image blow.

File grouped and imported into design space

To format the file correctly for design space you will have to ‘ungroup’ all of the elements and then ‘attach’ the different pieces of the design together so that they don’t get separated when you go to make your project. This is a very quick and easy step 🙂

Ungrouping your project

To ungroup the project first make sure your project is selected. There will be a red cross in the upper left corner of the project when it is selected. If it isn’t selected then click anywhere on the project to select it. Once selected go to the upper right tool bar and click on the ‘ungroup’ button. This will ungroup the files so that each part is now separate.

Attach the file back together in cut pieces

Now that the file has been ungrouped you need to ‘attach’ the lines to the main pieces of the project otherwise design space will see them as separate objects and may place the fold lines of your project on a separate cutting mat. The files have been designed so that the lines that need to be grouped together all close to each other as shown in photo 2.

Red shapes highlighting which shapes should be grouped together

Select each element of each cut piece by holding down the shift key and clicking on each element in tern.

Shapes selected for ‘attaching’

Once all of the element have been selected right click on the element and select ‘attach’ from the menu. This will then group all of these elements together so that design space wont separate them when you send the file to be cut.

Right click and select ‘attach’

Once you have done this for all of the pieces of the card you will then be able to send it to be made.



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