How to remove a stuck project from the Silhouette Alta 3D printer

Project stuck on Silhouette Alta 3D printer head

The first time I used my Silhouette Alta we had a power cut in the middle of the 3D printer printing the first project! I had no idea what to do for the best so I just turned it off thinking that that was a good start. Unfortunately the plastic melted into a big blob and the project became stuck to the printer head. I of course completely panicked as I was worried that I had broken it and hubby was going to go mad! Luckily I rang Silhouette America and they were able to send me instructions on how to fix it! Yay! Here they are….

Basically all you need to do is reheat the print head and then pull the project off the print head. Its so simple and I cant believe how easy it was to do. Here are some step by step instructions on how to do that.

Step one

Open the 3D print menu in the Sihouette 3D software. Then click on the change filament menu button at the bottom of the menu (highlighted in blue here).

Silhouette Alta 3D print menu

Step two

This will open the change filament box. We don’t want to change the filament so we are going to click on ‘Manual Controls’ in the bottom right of the menu.

Change filament menu

Step three

When you click on Manual Controls window. You will need to turn the print head on from here by clicking on the heating button which is the round circle on the left hand side that says ‘off’. This will heat up the print head. In my case when the print head heated up the project dropped off the print head. If your project gets stuck you can wait a few minutes of the print head to heat up and then give it a gentle pull to release the project.

Manual controls menu

Once you’ve got the project free you can then use the printer to print a new project. If you find that the print head is also clogged you can unblock it. To find our how to do this check out our post on it.

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Happy printing 🙂


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