How to make the perfect cookie cutter with the silhouette Alta 3D printer

I love baking with my family and one of the first projects that I designed with the Silhouette Alta was a 3D cookie cutter (like on the ad!). I was so pleased with myself! Unfortunately when I tried to bake with it is was a complete disaster! I couldn’t get the dough out, it looked all wrong so I went back to the drawing board and created another which worked perfectly! So here are my tips for creating the perfect cookie cutter with the 3D printer.

Importing the file

When you have decided which design you want to use for your cookie cutter you need to open it in Silhouette 3D. For a design that you have saved to your hard drive go to file > open > navigate to the file location on your computer. If it is a Studio3 file you will then get six options; extrusion, cookie cutter, jewellery box, stencil box, stencil and wax pendent. You will need to select the ‘cookie cutter’ option.

Import options on silhouette Alta

Modify the design

After you have converted the design into the Silhouette maker I would recommend two modifications which are vital to making the perfect cookie cutter. First make sure that your cutter is big enough by resizing the design. To do that select your 3D object by clicking on it. This will highlight the shape and create a square net around the cookie cutter. Each corner will have a little square in it. You can click and drag these to move the shape around and resize it.

Cookie cutter with net around

What size to cut?

For the size of the cookie cutter you need to think about how large you want the cookie cutter and how long it will take to cut out. I generally try and make sure that I can print most things in one evening. If it was something special I would extend this but in general I try and size them so that they are as big as possible but don’t take more that about three hours to print. You can check the about of time it will take to print by opening the design in the ‘3D Print’ view on the upper left of the screen.

How many gaps does your design have?

This was the major problem with my first cookie cutter. I had such an intricate design that the back of the cookie cutter was almost completely solid. This became a problem because I then couldn’t get the dough out of the cookie cutter! So no what I try and do is make sure that the back of the design isn’t completely solid. What this normally means is if it looks very solid I’ll open the original file again in Silhouette Studio and edit it from there to be slightly simpler until I strike the right balance between the look I want and simplicity.

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