How to make a new baby crib pop up box card | silhouette | cricut

When there is a new baby on the way its great to make them something super special for that baby shower or the new arrival. I love these new baby crib pop up box card. Something a little bit special! In this tutorial I will show you how to make them.


New baby crib pop up box cut file

Cardstock in the colour of your choice approx. 280-300gsm (I went for pink)

Accent papers (I used a great paper stack by craft sensations)


Cut out your card on your Silhouette or Cricut

When you open the file you will have to do a few bits and pieces depending on if you are using a cricut or silhouette.


Open your file in Silhouette Studio. All of the piece of the file will be made into one group. First you will need to ungroup all of the pieces so that you can move them around. Then you will need to regroup all of the pieces that make up the backing card (this is so the score lines and the cut lines stay together when you are moving them around the screen). Do the same thing for the insert pieces and the bunting that goes on the front of the cot.


If you are using the Cricut open the SVG file in Design Space. All of the pieces of the card will be grouped together. You will need to ungroup them all so that you can select each element individually. You will then need to select all the lines that need to be score lines and make them into score lines using the line select tool.


Once you have made the changes you will need to cut the files out. I cut the card base and inserts using the card stock, and the rest of the shapes out using my accent papers.

Assembling the New Baby Pop Up Box Card

The first thing that I did was to decorate the main part of the card. I started at the top of the card and applied the ‘New Baby’ letter blocks to the top of the card using PVA glue.

After I had attached the letters I added the backing card I stuck the rest of the accent paper embellishments onto the inserts.

I then added the bunting to the front of the card. To do this fold the bunting over first and then stick it to the back of the card on the rail of the crib so that it folds over to the front of the card. I used double sided sticky tape for this.

Once all of the accent papers are in place on the card stock it will be time to put the card together. Its best to wait until all of the glue has dried to do this. I have found that the easiest way to do this is to lay the card flat and then stick the two inserts to one side of the card. Then add glue to the other side of the inserts, fold the main body of the card over them and stick down the corner to make the card into a box.

Once you have finished the card you will need to construct the envelope. This should be cut from cardstock. To assemble the card add glue to the slide flaps of the envelope and fold the bottom part of the envelope up. On the top flap stick the heart shape 🙂

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