How to Make a Heart Frame Shaker card in Cricut Design Space | By Clover

Hello! I decided to make a shaker card using the lovely Heart Frame file. I chose to keep the card quite simple in design because of the shaker element and didn’t put a sentiment on the card as thought it could be used for Valentine’s day, a wedding or an anniversary.

Materials used:

6” x 6” (approx.) white card blank

Heart frame cut file
Pink cardstock
Grey cardstock
Shiny textured wallpaper (from a sample)
Sequins and gems
Spectrum Noir Sparkle pen – Crystal clear
Double sided tape, hi-tack glue
Cricut Explore + normal blade and deep cut blade with housing

Uploading the file to Design Space and Cutting the Card

I started by uploading the Heart Frame file in to Design Space. I had decided to use a square card measuring approximately 6” squared, so I set up a couple of squares for the card background.
I duplicated the Heart Frame file for layering (I actually ended up using 5 layers of cardstock + the top layer of patterned paper). I then took one of the copies and chose ‘Contour’ and selected ‘Hide all contours’.

This took away all the detail for the file and gave me an overall outline of the shape (shown below) – I used this for my acetate layers.

I was now ready to cut the files. I tend to mirror things I cut as I find it leaves a neater cut. You’ll see below that the images are mirrored from above.

Once I’d cut 5 copies of these and my background panels, I was ready to cut the acetate.
For this, I used the custom setting on the Cricut as well as the deep cut blade and housing.


Assembling the Shaker card

From the custom material settings on screen, I selected ‘Plastic’, then ‘Transparency’. From the dropdown menu, I changed the ‘Pressure’ to ‘More’. This cut in one go perfectly.
Once these were cut, I was able to start assembling the shaker element of the card.


I used hi-tack glue in a small precision bottle to make a sandwich with all my layers.
The bottom layer was acetate, followed by the cardstock (as I said, I used 5, but could have probably used 3 – it all depends on what you want to put inside your shaker).
Now you need to add your shaker bits. I used small gems and some of the cut-out pieces from the heart frame, but you could use sequins, beads, anything really that is small enough to move around.


Once you’re happy, you can add the second layer of acetate to seal the shaker and then your decorative top layer. Mine can be seen below – it cut beautifully!

I was now ready to assemble the card. I used double sided tape to layer the pink and grey background card as well as small pieces on the back of the shaker element. Remember; the tape needs to be on solid parts of cardstock so as not to show through the acetate.
Finally, I added some details around the card; a few more of the cut-out pieces as well as small gems which I coloured with nail varnish to match the colour scheme.
I also used the sparkle pen to add a touch of glitter around the edge of the grey cardstock and on the detailing.

Here’s my finished card – I hope you like it! This could be made in any colour scheme for many different occasions.

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