How to cut vinyl using Silhouette Cameo 3

I just love sticking vinyl to stuff and when we repainted the kitchen I couldn’t wait to get stuck into another vinyl project. In this project I’m going to give you a tutorial to a really cute and simple vinyl project. This one would make a great fathers day gift and would be brilliant for dads birthday. In this project I’m using my Silhouette and also silhouette studio software.

Materials needed

  • White board
  • Purple washi tape – I used one of the space themed washi tape collection from trimcraft.
  • Vinyl of your choice of colour.
  • Cutting machine.
  • Transfer tape.
  • A ruler.
  • DAD cutting file

Step one

Firstly I opened the DAD cutting file in Silhouette Studio. The white board I used was A3 in size so I had to resize the file so that I was happy with the size of the design. In the end I sized it at  4 x 14 cm (1.6 x 5.5 inches). I then types the text underneath ‘fit it list’. I used a fond that I downloaded from font bundles you can find here. I then took a few moments to edit the text.

Select the text and using the ‘ungroup’ button ungroup the text making it all into separate objects
Make sure all of the text from each word is overlapping then select all of the text and go to ‘modify shape’ and ‘weld’ to weld the text together


After the text was welded together I positioned the DAD and ‘fix it now’ under each other. I then cut the text out using the vinyl setting on the Silhouette studio software but I changed the thickness setting to 3.

Screen shot showing the position of the words and the silhouette studio settings used.

Step two

Whilst the Silhouette cut out the vinyl shape I stuck the washi tape onto the side of the white board to make it look all pretty. After that it was a case of weeding the vinyl until the design was ready to transfer.

Step three

Once you have weeded the vinyl the next stage is to use transfer tape so that you can transfer the design from the vinyl backing to the white board. This is quite an easy step you just need to make sure that when you apply the vinyl to the white board you are happy with its position as once you have it stuck on it will be really hard to move it!

To finish the board off I added two strips of vinyl one on either side which I cut out by hand. The project is now finished and will look great on the kitchen wall or even in the man cave!

Vinyl with transfer tape

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