How to Create an Easter Banner with your Cricut or Silhouette | by Emi

Sometimes you can make really simple projects from Helen’s cut files – the banner I’m about to do is a perfect example of this!

Materials Needed:

  • White card
  • A cutting machine
  • Patterned Easter Egg SVG files
  • Easter coloured patterned paper
  • Some string and a glue stick.

Editing the file in your cutting software

Import the SVG into your cutting software and resize to around 10inches high (keeping to scale)
Remove all but one of the egg designs off your design space and send to cut using the attached settings on white card.

Repeat this with all the eggs, deleting the ones you’ve done as you go. At the end you’ll be left with 6 egg designs cut from white paper. In your design software, remove all the inner parts of the SVG, leaving only the outer cut line of the egg shape itself. Use this shape to cut 6 eggs from your patterned paper using the same settings as before.

Once you have 6 white card egg designs and 6 patterned egg shapes, use the glue stick to layer them on top so the patterned paper shows through the spaces in the design.

Once all six are complete, either string them by creating holes in the eggs or sellotape them to a long piece of string and voila! A beautiful and very simple Easter themed banner! Mine were very substantial feeling and would definitely do fine being put away for next year.

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