How to Create a Valentines Day Card using your Silhouette | by Emi

Emi has made this beautiful Valentines Day card, with really great use of washi tape, using our Heart Frame Cutting file. Here’s how she’s made it 🙂


Materials Needed

Heart Frame Cutting File

Silhouette (or other cutting machine)

Black cardstock (I used some from Hobbycraft)

Dark red cardstock

White card blanks (6×6 inches when folded)

Glue stick

Black inkpad

Small heart stamp

Valentines themed washi tapes (I used three different ones)

Silver glitter alpha stickers

Cutting Cardstock with the Silhouette

First I imported the SVG file into the Silhouette software and resized it to 5 inches high (my white card blanks are 6×6 and I wanted it to sit in the middle of the card). I then loaded the black card onto my Silhouette mat and began to cut using the attached settings – blade 10, speed 1, force 23 and passes 2. I used basic black cardstock from Hobbycraft (heavier cardstock may need three passes but always keep the speed low and the blade high). You may want to turn on overcut if you’ve reduced the size of the wreath to anything below 10×10 inches to create a cleaner cut.

To create a slightly smaller external wreath shape to place under my already cut black card I used the Silhouette software to remove all the interior cut lines, leaving only the inside and outside lines of the wreath. Then I used an internal offset by 0.050 and deleted the original lines.  I loaded the Silhouette mat with dark red card and cut using the same specifications as I did the original wreath.

Using the eternal offset to create a back piece for a card

Assembling the Valentines card

Once cut I could place the dark red card beneath the black card wreath, with the red card showing through the heart decorative cuts. I used glue stick on the back of the black wreath and adhered it to the red lower layer. I then placed the wreath on my blank white card and very lightly drew around it so I could see where I would need to fit washi tape into the middle section of the wreath. I applied red washi in lines and then rubbed off the pencil marks, placing the wreath on top and sticking it down with a glue stick, making sure the wreath covered all the washi tape and there was no tape sticking out the edges of the wreath. I then used a L O V and E from my silver Thicker set to create the word love inside the black wreath. Make sure your Thickers will fit inside the wreath! Mine nearly didn’t. 😉 Using a small heart stamp and a black ink pad I dotted some hearts around the outside of the wreath.

Finished Valentines Card

That was it done! It took me about 40 minutes in total once I’d gathered my materials and the cut file was perfect, even at a smaller size!



Emi enjoys crafting with her kids and then trying more intricate projects once they’re asleep at night! She showcases her finished projects on Instagram at @coveritwithstickers




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