How to Create a Unique Teacher Gift using your Cricut or Silhouette | by Clover

In today’s blog post I am going to show you how I created this unique teacher gift using the back to school cutting file and simple pen holder.

Materials/equipment used:

Editing the file in Design Space

I started by uploading the School Pack svg file in to Design Space.
I then ungrouped the file and deleted the items I didn’t need – I decided to use the paperclips, ruler, 2 x pencils and the 5 grouped pencils.

Next I resized the items to fit my pen pot and decided which colours of vinyl I would use for each. For the ruler, I decided to cut the ruler in black, but wanted a white background. I duplicated the ruler and then using the contour tool, I changed it so I had a solid shape the same size as the ruler.

I cut these first. After weeding the black ruler, I used masking tape (as didn’t have any transfer tape) to stick the black outline to the white ruler shape.
Next, I cut the paperclips – for these I used silver vinyl.
Then I cut the 5 pencils, but I did these in different colours. Finally, I cut the 2 x pencils in white. I also cut the word “Pens” in red vinyl to go in the centre of these. I used font “DK Display Patrol” for this.

Using the masking tape, I transferred the vinyl shapes from the backing paper to the pen pot. I pressed down firmly to make sure the vinyl had adhered to the pot.



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