How to Create a Stunning Baby Announcement Gift using your Silhouette | by Emi

Hi everyone today I will be making this beautiful Baby Announcement Gift using the baby scan picture file.

Materials needed

  • Silhouette or other cutting machine
  • Baby scan photo frame cut file
  • 8×8 frame,
  • A4 grey/lilac card,
  • Various pink and purple cardstock for inner patterns,
  • Glitter card,
  • Scissors,
  • Craft knife,
  • Glue pen,
  • 0.5 circle hole punch,
  • Small heart hole punch.

How to cut your file in Silhouette Studio

First load the SVG into your Silhouette Software and resize to 8×8 inches (or to the size of your frame if different) if needed. Load the chosen coloured card into the Silhouette (I opted for grey/lilac card but you might want to use a brighter colour!). Go into the cutting tab and cut the design. I used the following settings: Blade 10, Speed 6, Force 12 and Passes 2. It came out beautifully and I ‘weeded’ the extra card pieces directly off the Silhouette mat using my craft knife (please ignore my very grubby Silhouette mat!!)

How to cut out scrapbook layers in Silhouette Studio

In the software I went back to the design page and highlighted the whole design and clicked ‘release compound path’. This breaks each line into it’s own space and means you can delete whole sections of the design. I deleted everything apart from the parts of the frame I wanted to back with different coloured card. I cut and pasted each section of the design I wanted to use for each colour (ie all the flowers, then all the hearts etc) and popped them into their own new design area. When they were in the right design space I created a slight offset so they would be slightly larger than the space on the back of the frame, meaning I could glue them onto the surrounding area. I used an offset of 0.2 which was just big enough to glue onto the frame without encroaching onto any space I didn’t want them to appear

I did the above 4 steps for all the sections I wanted to back with patterned card (NOTE: You could very easily fussy cut these with scissors if you didn’t want to use the Silhouette to make them. It seems like a bit of a faff to use a cutting machine to do it but it means your patterned paper is exactly the same shape as the pieces you want to back it to, just slightly larger!)

Adding the backing papers to your papercut

For each piece of cut patterned paper, draw a line around the very edge with a glue pen and stick it to the BACK of the frame, pattern side down. Once you’ve done this with all the patterned paper for each section, flip it over and voila! Your ‘standout’ sections of card will look beautiful. Using a double sided tape gun or glue pen, stick the frame and it’s patterned sections onto a piece of backing card/paper. I’d recommend something in either a solid colour or only slightly patterned so it doesn’t detract from the highlighted patterned sections.

Adding wording to your design

Once it’s all stuck you can move to the wording on the front. Because I’d used an image of my older daughter meeting my youngest when she was first born I opted for ‘oh hello!’ but obviously you can cater this to whatever your image holds. This frame is very versatile and could be used for a variety of different gifts. Going back into the Silhouette software design space I created a new page and chose a font that I liked and cut the card using the same settings I’d used above (NOTE: I find these settings very forgiving for anything relatively small and intricate – they’re definitely my ‘go to’ settings which I then make small tweaks to depending on thickness of card etc). The font I used was Bromello which you can find for free here (NOTE: it can only be used free for personal projects and is not for commercial use). Using a glue pen I stuck the words to the banner space on the front of the card and, using a 0.5cm circle hole punch and a small heart punch, popped very small embellishments of glitter pink card to make other areas of the frame pop! I also stuck these down with the glue pen.  Then I mounted the whole project into the 8×8 frame and it was done! It looks absolutely gorgeous in our living room and would make a great gift for a new parent or someone who’s just added a new little one to their family. 😊


Emi enjoys crafting with her kids and then trying more intricate projects once they’re asleep at night! She showcases her finished projects on Instagram at @coveritwithstickers

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