How to Create a Mothers Day Gift Tray | by Rachel

Today we are making the Mother’s Day gift tray! I have created this great video tutorial that you can watch and also a brief step by step how to that I’ve written underneath.


Materials Needed

A4 pink cardstock

Mothers Day wreath file

Step by step tutorial

  1. Open the file and ungroup them, then copy and paste the selected design into a new document
  2. Then I build the box around the design by making the sides 10cm x 3cm and the base of the box 10cm x 10cm, using the centre tools to make sure they are all centred nicely.
  3. Next I add flaps on both sides of two of the 10cm x 3cm flaps. Weld all these pieces together and then add score lines, I make the score lines blue and the cut lines black.
  4. When cutting, I click lines up in the top corner and this allows you to cut different coloured lines with different pressures and blade depths. I set my black lines to cut and my blue lines to score, which makes my design easy to fold but not too weak on the folds.
  5. Once I have cut out the design, I add double sided tape, fold up the sides and stick together.

You have a lovely gift tray to up level the display of your Mother’s Day Gift.

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