How to Create a beautiful Bunch of Paper Daffodils with your Silhouette or Cricut | by Emi

Hello everyone, today I’m going to show you how to make a beautiful bunch of yellow Daffodils. For this project you will need:

You’ll need:
• Various shades of yellow card (I used this)
• Green card
• Straws or floristry wire
• Green washi tape
• Glue pen
• Silhouette (or cutting machine/craft knife)
Daffodil SVG

Materials needed

Cutting the Daffodil file

Open the daffodil SVG and import the cut file into your cutting software. While the separate daffodil parts are still grouped together as a single item, resize to the exact size you want your daffodils to be. As they are, they’re a perfect size but I wanted them to be slightly bigger. I resized together (to keep the ratio of all the parts the same) and once it was at the size I wanted, I separated the different parts and put each section onto a separate design space. Then I multiplied each section of the daffodil by 5 so I would ultimately have 5 daffodils. I used various yellow cards and the following settings, using my silhouette, to cut the three sections of the flower itself, then green card to make the stem section.
Blade depth 10
Speed 5
Force 2
2 passes

Assembling the Daffodils

Once all the pieces of the daffodil were cut, I separated them out and popped them into groups. I put the stamens into a bowl because I didn’t want to lose any!

Materials to make the paper daffodils grouped into separate piles

I like to do things like this in a production line where I do all the same parts at the same time instead of one flower at a time. It means that, when using glue, everything has a little time to stick properly before you put it all together. I glued all the outer parts of the petals together at the tab to make them circular

Glue the outside petals together using the tab

The stamen parts then all get glued into the inner daffodil parts as shown

Then take the stamen pieces and attach in the same way.

Once all the flowers are completed with outer petals, inner petals and stamen you can then stick on the tops of the stem. Putting a small amount of glue on each ‘tab’ on the stem top, fold the tabs outward and wrap the tabs along the outside of the inner petals hole into a circular position.

Attach the stem to the base of the flower

Once the flower is glued together and dried you take one of the straws, put it between all the downward sections of the stem so they’re gripped around the straw. Use green washi tape to fix the straw to the downward stem sections and continue to wrap the tape all around the bottom to create your stem!

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