Best places for free 3D print files

The Silhouette Alta can open files downloaded from the Silhouette store both the Silhouette 3D files as well as the studio3 files. As well as files from Silhouette you can also use a huge number of files from the web as the Silhouette Alta can open any .STL file. I’ve collected a list here of some of the most useful files and what they can be used for.


As a mum I was thrilled to realise that the Silhouette Alta could be a great learning tool for my kids. There are a few great websites for educational files. I’ve found that I can print great learning material such moon landing sites, working models of skeletons and engineering puzzles for my kids to learn form! Take a look at these sites for some great learning resources.

NASA – Get your moon landing site models and as an added bonus all files are free!

Thingiverse – This is fast becoming one of my favourite web pages for finding fun files for the kids, take a look at their dinosaur models again all files are free.

Cults – another site with some great learning files of skeletons, buildings and anatomy. The files are either free or low one off payments. Be warned you can also find some more risky files on this site!

NIH 3D print exchange – This is a great site for science themed files.

Threeding –  A great place to download lot of high quality educational files relating to history, science and nature. There is a charge for most of the files but there are one or two free ones as well.

Events and decorations

3D Shook – This site is more or less a catalogue of files that mostly include files for objects around the house and work place. You can purchase the files as a one off payment or as part of a subscription to the site.

Around the home

Thingiverse – Thingiverse is once again high on my list of sites for things around the home.

Pinshape – Pinshape has a wealth of files all free to download that can be used around the home including some great vases. The majority of the files can be downloaded for free although there are some low cost files on the site.

Mini Factory – I really love this site as it has some great resources for in the home. Including a spare parts section where you can download spare bits and pieces for household items. Including battery covers – which we are always losing! Accessibility prints such as book holders and grip improvers. Again a lot of the designs are free or you can made a small donation to the creator.

Cults – another site with some great for around the home with sections dedicated to jewellery, fashion and art. The files are either free or low one off payments. Be warned you can also find some more risky files on this site!

You Magazine – Again lots of printable things here for around the home for free or a small cost.

Redpah – This site is a catalogue of patterns with a variety of files perfect for the home.

cgtraider -This site is great for high quality prints models. There is a cost for most of the designs and they are quite expensive but they do seem to have a high number of files with royalty free licences.

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