This weeks post has been brought to you by popular demand! It was number one on your list of things you wanted to know how to do on Silhouette Studio. So here goes!

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What is the Knockout Technique?

The Knockout technique is also called the Cookie Cutter Technique. This technique is good if you want to use more than one vinyl colour but you want the design to stay flat.

For a more Silhouette Studio terms have a look at our post on Silhouette Studio Terms that you need to know.

Step one: get your files ready

For this design I am using two files as I would like to use two vinyl colours. The first file is our own outline of a sycamore leaf. The second file is the word ‘Fall’. The font that I have used is ‘Special Winter‘ (affiliate link). For a tutorial on how to add text in Silhouette Studio try out blog post.  

Image showing the silhouette software open on the home screen. On the canvas is the outline of a sycamore leaf and the word 'Fall' in text.

Now the text is going to need to be changed a little bit so that we can use it. In the picture below I have circled the parts of the text that overlap. We don’t want overlapping text as we want the text to cut out all in one piece. To do that all we have to do is highlight the whole text and use the ‘weld’ button to weld it all together.   

The word 'fall' with the overlapping parts of the word circled in purple.
Image showing the world 'Fall' open in Silhouette Studio. The word has had the overlapping letters welded together so that they are in one shape.

After you have welded the word together. All but one of the letters are now attached. To make sure that the word stays together highlight all of the word make all the letters into one group. Do this by pressing the ‘group’ button. 

Image showing the word 'Fall' open in Silhouette Studio. All of the letters have been grouped together using the 'group' button in the top right tool bar.

Step two: create the knockout

Now move and resize the word ‘Fall’ over the leaf design until you are happy with the placement and size. Then make a copy of your design. I do this using the keyboard short cuts ‘Cont+A’ and ‘Cont+C’. Now you should have two copies of your deisng on the mat. 

Image showing Silhouette Studio open in the canvas view. There is a design of a leaf with the word 'Fall' written over it. There are two copies of this design.

First we are going to work on the file on the left. This is going to be the file with the word ‘Fall’ knockedout of the leaf image. If you have grouped your text ungroup it now by selecting it and pressing the ‘ungroup’ button in the top right of the screen. Now select the leaf and one letter/group of welded letters. Open the modify window on the right hand side tool bar.

Do the same for each ungrouped letter or set of welded letters. After that highlight all of the parts of the leaf that are left and group them all together. This is so that you can move the shape round without loosing parts of it!

Image showing the silhouette software open on the home screen. On the canvas is the outline of a sycamore leaf and the word 'Fall' in text. The leaf and one of the parts of the word 'Fall' are selected and the user is using the subtract tool to create a knockout effect.
Image showing the word 'Fall' open in Silhouette Studio. The last three letters have been cut out of the leaf to create a negative in the leaf shape.

Step three: layer the files together

We will now work on the the deisgn on the right. For this one we just want the letters to stand out. To do this delete the leaf, or whatever shape you have used as the background. Then group and remaing letters you have together. 

Image showing the silhouette software open with an orange leaf with the word 'fall' knocked out of it.

I hope that you have loved this tutorial. Message me with any questions or get in contact with me on our social media channels. 

Happy Crafting!

Love Helen xx