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Adding text in Silhouette Studio is a very useful way to personalise projects. You can use text on its own or you can weld it to other shapes. For this post I will show you how to add text and then how to weld it to a shape. Just a quick heads up that this post contains affiliate links.

Adding Text in Silhouette Studio

To add the text in Silhouette Studio, click on the ‘A’ on the left-hand side menu. Your curser will now change to a line, click anywhere on the canvas and then start typing. I added ‘Happy Birthday’ but you could also personalise with a name or any other sentiment.

Add text Screen Shot

Adding text to Silhouette Studio project

Open the ‘Text style’ panel from the right-hand menu. From here you will be able to change the text in your project. You can change the font, size or style of text by selecting options from the ‘Text style’ panel. If you are looking for a great font selection try font bundles. Here is a link to one of my favourite free fonts (*affiliate link)! Once you are happy with your text you can then move it so that you can weld it to the cupcake.

Image of opening the text style panel


Weld The Text To A Shape

To move the text, double click on the words until you see a green box appear around the text with a small cross hair symbol on the left-hand side. Click in the small cross hair symbol and drag the text over to the edge of your shape. When the text gets close to the shape it will ‘stick’ onto it. You may need to move the text slightly to make sure that all the text overlaps with your shape. You can do this by dragging down the little black box on the left-hand side of the text.

Moving text screen shot

Joinng text to a shape

 To make the text part of the shape you will need to ‘weld’ the text and the shape together. To do this select the text and the shape by dragging a box around the text and the shape or by pressing ‘Ctrl + A’.

Open the modify panel by clicking on the ‘modify panel’ symbol on the right-hand side of the design screen. You can then weld the shape together by clicking on the ‘Weld’ symbol.

Moving text screen shot

Easiest way of adding text in Silhouette Studio Pin for later

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